Pastries That Pair Well With Coffee

Pastries That Pair Well With Coffee

There is no better way to enjoy delicious coffee than by pairing it with some delectable pastries. As you take a bite of your pastry, then a drink of coffee, you will truly feel happy as the flavors work wonders inside of your mouth. As a leading coffee shop in Houston County, GA, Caffee Vignette would love to inform you about four of the best pastries that pair well with coffee. Read below to find out more and visit our coffee place today!




A pastry that already goes so well with milk is taken to the next level with coffee. Best of all, depending on the type of coffee you drink, certain cookie flavors pair better with certain coffees. Some of the best cookies to pair with coffee include chocolate chip, peanut butter, white macadamia nut, and snickerdoodle.



Whether you like banana nut, blueberry, apple cinnamon, chocolate chip, or any other type of muffin, one thing is for certain, they make an excellent pair with coffee. The deliciously sweet flavors of muffins work well with counterbalancing the bitter notes of coffee, making for some excellent combinations that are to die for!


Fruit Tarts

Fruit tarts are made of buttery shortbread, creamy vanilla custard, and heaps of fresh fruit, providing sweet, tangy, and satisfying flavors. We recommend that you pair this appetizing pastry with a darker roast of coffee, as the tart tends to have enough sweetness to contradict the bitter flavors of coffee.



If you are looking to pair a deliciously fluffy, sweet, and tasteful pastry with coffee, there is no better choice than beignets. These pillows of fried dough are generously dusted with powdered sugar and are best eaten hot. At Caffee Vignette, we have perfected our beignet recipe and we guarantee that you will love them. We currently offer standard powdered sugar and maple glazed bacon crumbled gourmet Beignets.

If you love to drink coffee, we recommend that you pair it with one of these four pastries to enhance your enjoyment. Visit our Caffee Vignette Houston Country location for the best coffee and beignets in the city today!

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