Light Roast Vs. Medium Roast Vs. Dark Roast

Light Roast Vs. Medium Roast Vs. Dark Roast

While most people can agree that artisan coffee is superior, the real debate comes between light versus medium roast — and what about dark roast? At Caffe Vignette, we offer the best coffee utilizing all three roasts in our coffee products. From dark roast cappuccinos to light roast iced coffees and even a medium roast cold brew, our coffee baristas can find you the perfect roast for any occasion!



The Roasting Process

The roasting process is what gives coffee beans their warm, bronze coloring. Without roasting the coffee bean is simply green. Coffee beans are roasted determined by “cracks,” meaning as they are exposed to heat, they lose hydration, resulting in a crack. Light roasts are pulled from the roaster when they encounter the first crack, while medium roasts are dictated by the second crack, and of course, the dark roasts continue to roast until they achieve an oily sheen.


Light Roast

Light roast coffee beans are lighter in color and have a toasted grain taste with some acidity. These coffee beans typically have a higher caffeine content than medium or dark roasts due to their shorter roasting times.


Medium Roast

Medium roasts are where coffee begins to adopt that traditional natural flavor profile of grassy but reaching towards a deep caramel sweetness. With a matte finish, these beans possess a rich brown color, free of the typical oils that come with a dark roast making it a popular choice among coffee drinkers.


Dark Roast

Dark roast gives off a robust, full-body aroma that overpowers the original coffee bean flavor. With an oily coating and smokey, bitter taste that resembles rich, nutty flavors that taste like dark chocolate and a strong kick!

No matter your preferred roast, our local coffee shop baristas at Caffe Vignette have the best artisan coffees available for your morning (or afternoon) pick-me-up! Swing by or order online today!

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