How Long Does Coffee Last? Understand When (and How) Coffee Goes Bad

How Long Does Coffee Last? Understand When (and How) Coffee Goes Bad

At Caffe Vignette, we are more than your local coffee shop — we strive to bring an upscale experience providing the best artisan coffee and beignets for people on the go and at home with our bulk coffee packs! Keep reading to learn more about the science behind a great cup of coffee and how you can keep your coffee fresh for maximum enjoyment!


Fresh Coffee: What Does That Mean?

Coffee beans have a long journey before they call your kitchen pantry home --first starting as a coffee cherry, then going through either wet or dry processing before being shipped in their “green state.” Then begins the roasting process, where every minute matters for their peak freshness.


How to Store Coffee

Oxygen and moisture greatly affect the quality of your coffee which is why it is important to follow proper storage after purchasing your coffee beans from your local coffee shop:

  • Keep your beans in a cool, dry place

  • Avoid sun exposure

  • Use an airtight container


How Long Do Coffee Beans Last?

The consensus among coffee connoisseurs is coffee beans last about three weeks in their whole bean form without being ground. Grinding your beans should only happen right before you brew to reduce oxygenation and disintegration of your flavors! Once ground, you only have about a week to enjoy it before the flavor is greatly reduced.


Good Coffee Vs. Bad Coffee

Identifying good coffee versus bad coffee is more than just personal preference. Here are some common indicators that your coffee beans are bad:

  • Oily beans

  • Rancid smell

  • Visible Mold

  • Dull in Color

  • Loss of Flavor

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