Blondes Have More Fun: 4 Reasons Why We Love a Good Blonde Roast

Blondes Have More Fun: 4 Reasons Why We Love a Good Blonde Roast

Here at Caffe Vignette, we love all kinds of coffee — especially when it’s paired with a platter of beignets! We offer a wide range of artisan coffees, but lighter roasts often get the short end of the stick from coffee lovers. Many tend to believe that if you’re serious about coffee, you need the darkest, boldest roast you can get. In today’s blog post, our Warner Robins coffee shop is celebrating the blonde roast, and we’re confident that after you learn more you’ll also see why blondes have more fun!

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Blonde roasts have a unique, citrusy taste. This is due to the fact that they have a higher acidity than darker roasts. The taste is often described as a coffee’s “brightness,” and blonde roasts are about as bright as it gets! There are variations of light roasts, which encompass white and gold roasts along with blonde roasts.

The light roast allows you to taste the nuances of each coffee bean, whereas dark roasts can overpower the flavor. By using a light roast such as a blonde roast, you'll be able to appreciate the unique flavor profile of each coffee bean and create a blend that is truly balanced. From fruity notes to chocolatey undertones, you'll be able to taste them all with a blonde roast.

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Caffeine Content

Many people believe that the darker the coffee, the stronger it is! However, a blonde roast actually has more caffeine than dark roasts. That’s because when the beans are roasted they lose their mass. Light roast beans are denser and therefore contain more caffeine per spoonful.

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Longer Shelf Life

The darker the roast, the shorter the shelf life. A lighter roast means you can store your coffee in an airtight container for longer before it goes stale. This means you could keep it on your countertop for about three to four weeks (if you don’t drink it all before then!). This is because the beans have been roasted for a shorter period of time, and the oils haven’t had a chance to break down, which can lead to the funky taste that stale beans can get.

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Perfect For Any Time Of Day

Whether you're looking for a morning coffee that will give you the energy you need to start your day or an afternoon pick-me-up, a blonde roast is a perfect option. With a lighter flavor profile, they won’t give you strong afternoon coffee breath. Stop by our local coffee shop and pick up a cup!

If you haven't given blonde roast a chance yet, it's time to start! You’ll be surprised by the subtlety, lightness, and balance of the blonde roast, and we bet it’ll become a staple in your pantry! Pick up a bag of bulk beans next time you stop by Caffe Vignette.

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