Beignets: Is It A French Breakfast Or A Dessert?

Beignets: Is It A French Breakfast Or A Dessert?

For those of you that have been to the south, there is a wave of popularity that surrounds small square-shaped pastries topped with powdered sugar. The beignet is a common staple in New Orleans, but also in other surrounding states like Georgia! This widely-known treat has people waiting in lines at their local coffee shops to just get a taste of the craze!

At Caffe Vignette, we too had to jump on the beignet bandwagon offering our signature, homemade beignets alongside our artisan coffee. But are these powdered sugar pastries dessert or breakfast? Let’s dive deeper!



A Brief History

The beignet comes from French cuisine and is often referred to as a French doughnut. These deep-fried pastries are typically served with a hot breakfast accompanied by a side of milk-based coffee (or café au lait). Brought to New Orleans by French colonists, the beignet is thought to also have ancient Roman origins — “scriblita” was a dessert made of a high-moisture dough boiled in animal fat. But the beignet doesn’t stop there! It also influenced the Spanish “sopapilla” another fluffy, pillow pastry.


Beignet Main Ingredients

Beignets are typically made from a yeasted, sweetened dough fried and topped with powdered sugar! These little squares are so popular that Caffee Vignette offers our homemade beignet mix so that you too can cook at home!


It’s Always Beignet Time!

As noted above, Beignets are a classic French breakfast staple that is growing in popularity all over! But as many people have found out, these irresistible square pastries are more than just a breakfast pairing — they are also perfect for dessert and a late-night snack! Pair it with artisan coffee for an elevated experience!


New Flavor Takes on The Classic

At Cafe Vignette, we not only offer the classic Big Easy beignet – but we also offer new flavor takes including our maple-glazed, bacon-crumbled gourmet beignets! Stop by our local coffee shop or order online to experience the rich, sweet flavors of this French doughnut!