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4 Fun Ways to Take Your Coffee

What's your favorite way to take coffee? Some people like their coffee black, some prefer it with a little milk or cream, and others add sugar or even cinnamon for a unique twist. There are many ways to enjoy coffee, which is why we have compiled 4 fun ways you can drink coffee at Cafe Vignette!

woman drinking a Heaven Latte

Heaven Latte

This coffee drink has a heavenly combination of real caramel and white chocolate. It has a creamy, sweet taste that you are sure to love. The best part, it's caffeinated! This is the perfect morning pick me up.

woman drinking a Frappe with Oreo

Frappe with Oreo

Frappes are a blended coffee, making them a refreshing cold drink that you can enjoy year-round. The best part, this deliciously disguised coffee has your favorite cookie! It is so good, you might not even realize it's coffee.

Power shot being made

The Power Shot

What is this you ask? You're getting espresso shots, over ice, with cream! This is then topped with whipped cream and raw sugar! Espresso shots are a variation of drip coffee, but with concentrated amounts. This is a little pick me up that tastes great at any time of the day.

Pumpkin spice flavor and peppermint flavor coffee by the fire

Add Some Holiday Flavor

Pumpkin spice flavor and peppermint flavor are perfect for this time of the year! Pumpkin spice coffee has all the makings of fall while peppermint is the perfect festive drink for winter time. Enjoy the two flavors hot in your latte or over ice in your frappe for a refreshing cold alternative.

We hope we've sparked your interest in trying something new and if not that's ok too! There are a variety of coffee options for any palette! You can enjoy these four delicious and fun coffee options at Cafe Vignette any time of day to give you energy for your busy schedule! Visit our drive-thru coffee shop today!